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Schools History Project

A GCSE Course following the SHP syllabus will include:

A Development Study

This could be Medicine through time; Crime and Punishment through time or the development of Media over time.

An Enquiry paper, such as one on Public Health in Britain.

A Depth Study

This could be Weimar and Nazi Germany; The American West; Elizabethan England

And a Controlled Assessment.

Medicine Through Time


Prehistoric Medicine

Prehistoric medicine - introductory page

Medicine in the Ancient World

- Ancient Egypt detailed unit

- Ancient Greece detailed unit

- Roman Empire detailed unit

Medieval Medicine

- The Black Death

- Medieval Surgery

- Change in the the Medieval period 

Medicine in the Renaissance

- Medicine in the Renaissance

1750 - 1900. Medicine in the Industrial Revolution

- The fight against infectious disease detailed unit

- Public Heath in the Industrial Revolution detailed unit


The Twentieth Century

Alexander Fleming and the development of Penicillin


The Welfare State



Islamic and Chinese medicine

Is covered separately in this unit.





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