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The United States, 1919-1941

Causes of the Economic Boom (1920's)

Consequences of the Economic Boom (1920's)

Industries in decline (1920's)

Problems in Agriculture (1920's)

The Roaring Twenties

Prohibition and Gangsters

Racism and Intolerance

Causes of the Wall Street Crash

Consequences of the Wall Street Crash

The impact of the depression

The Nature of the New Deal

Opposition to the New Deal

Was the New Deal a Success?

The USA, 1945 - 1975.

The Red Scare

Impact of war on Civil Rights

Civil Rights in 1950

Brown v Topeka Board of Education

Little Rock High School

Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Protest

Martin Luther King Jnr

Nation of Islam / Malcolm X

Black Panthers

Ku Klux Klan

March on Washington

Civil Rights Acts

Immigration Act, 1965

Rights for Hispanic Americans

Student Protests of the 1960's

Womens Rights

Issues faced by Native Americans in the 1970's




The USA, 1945 - 1975. The Impact of the Second World War on Civil Rights.

African American Soldiers in the Second World War


Source: Lyrics to 'Uncle Sam Says' by Josh White

Well, airplanes flying close to land and sea,
Everybody flying but a Negro like me.
Uncle Sam says, 'Your place is on the ground;
When I fly my airplanes, don't want no Negro 'round.'

The same thing for the Navy when ships goes to sea,
All they got is a mess boy's job for me.

Source: VAhistorical.org

The war years were tumultuous, but blacks sensed that out of this ferment change might come. After the bleak racism of the 1920s and the economic disaster of the 1930s, there was hope. African American newspapers conceived the "Double V" campaign—victory over both America's enemies abroad and over Jim Crow segregation at home. In this hopeful atmosphere the NAACP increased the percentage of registered black voters in the South from 2 to 12 percent. Membership in the NAACP itself increased from 18,000 before the war to nearly 500,000 at its close. Quotation from text on this page.


BBC. Better Day Coming. Part of an excellent article tracing the development of the Civil Rights Movement in the USA.

Living History. Very good article about the way that the war changed views about Civil Rights.

VA History. Provides background information about the impact of war.

Providence. Civil Rights in World War Two.





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