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How far was China established as a superpower by the time of Mao’s death?

Mao’s China, c.1930–1976

Why did China become a Communist state?

Why did the Communists start the Long March?
How far was the Long March a success?
How far did the Second World War weaken the Nationalist government and strengthen the Communists?
Why did the Communists win the Civil War?

How far had Communist rule changed China by the mid 1960s?

What changes in agriculture did Communist rule bring?
What was the impact of the Communists’ social reforms?
How successful were the Five-Year Plans in increasing production?
Did the Chinese people benefit from Communist rule?

What was the impact of Communist rule on China’s relations with other countries?

What have been China’s changing relationships with neighbouring states?
Why did China try to improve relations with the USA after 1970?
How far was China established as a superpower by the time of Mao’s death?

Did Communism produce a cruel dictatorship in China?

How successful was ‘The Hundred Flowers Movement’?
Why did Mao launch the Cultural Revolution?
What was the impact of the Cultural Revolution on China?
How far was Mao a great leader of China?

How far was China established as a superpower by the time of Mao’s death?


By the time of Mao's death China was a significant player on the world stage. In 1967 the Chinese had tested their first Hydrogen Bomb, making them a Nuclear Power. They had a huge military presense that was respected and feared. The Chinese were also considered by other major powers when analysing their own influence in Asia. China was a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council and was treated as an imporant nation in terms of diplomacy by the United States and the Soviet Union.




Standford University - academic article tracing China's emergence as a SuperPower.

International Relations - whilst looking mainly at China's current economic might this article does include a lot of information about China's relative might throughout the past hundred or so years.

International Viewpoint - Mao in Question. Looks at the way that China developed at this time.

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