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Weimar and Nazi Germany

The Weimar Constitution

The impact of the Treaty of Versailles

1919 -1923: years of crisis?

The Munich Putsch

The Origins of the Nazi Party

Mein Kampf

1924 - 1929: A Golden era?

Gustav Stresemann

German Foreign Policy 1919 to 1933

Germany in the Depression

The Rise of the Nazi party

- Why did people vote for Hitler?

From Chancellor to Fuhrer

The failures of Weimar

Creating a totalitarian state

Nazi methods of control

- Organisation of the Nazi Party

- Obedience to the Fuhrer

Opposition to the Nazi's


- Nazi Ideology

The Economy under the Nazi's

- Schacht

- The 2nd 4 Year Plan

- Evaluation of the 4 Year Plan

- How successful was the policy of Autarky?

- German Labour Front

- Dr Robert Ley

Nazi Foreign Policy

- Did Hitler plan to have a Second World War?

Education in Nazi Germany

Women in Nazi Germany

The Holocaust

- The Jewish Problem in 1933

- Kristallnacht

- Anti-Jewish Legislation

- Policy 1933 - 1937

- Origins of Anti-Semitism


Dr Robert Ley

* The son of a farmer, Dr.Robert Ley was a student who joined WW1 and became a pilot.
* He was proud of his lowly origins and was hostile to middle and upper-class customs..
* In WW1 he was injured and suffered slight brain damage that caused a stutter.
* He worked as a Chemist with IG Farben before being dismissed for drunken behaviour.
* He joined the Nazi party in 1924 and some rose to become Gaultier of Cologne (1928).
* Ley saw Hitler as the new 'Messiah' and quickly gained his trust.
* Elected to the Reichstag in 1930, he was a good speaker and rabble-rouser.
* However, his power lay in organisation - he partly responsible for rallies such as Nuremberg, etc.
* From 1933 he was leader of DAF, The German Labour Front
* For 12 years he built up a huge vast union of workers that were rarely co-ordinated and where the social radicalism within never really took off.
* Nicknamed 'Reich Drunkard', his only real success was in lining his own pockets and for pursuing a lavish lifestyle.


Essential Revision

Key Issues:

  1. How far did Germany recover under Stresemann?
  2. How did the Nazi party develop, upto 1929?
  3. How did Hitler become Chancellor?
  4. Howdid Hitler create a dictatorship?
  5. What were the main features of Totalitarian rule?
  6. What were the benefits of Nazi rule?

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