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Weimar and Nazi Germany

The Weimar Constitution

The impact of the Treaty of Versailles

1919 -1923: years of crisis?

The Munich Putsch

The Origins of the Nazi Party

Mein Kampf

1924 - 1929: A Golden era?

Gustav Stresemann

German Foreign Policy 1919 to 1933

Germany in the Depression

The Rise of the Nazi party

- Why did people vote for Hitler?

From Chancellor to Fuhrer

The failures of Weimar

Creating a totalitarian state

Nazi methods of control

- Organisation of the Nazi Party

- Obedience to the Fuhrer

Opposition to the Nazi's


- Nazi Ideology

The Economy under the Nazi's

- Schacht

- The 2nd 4 Year Plan

- Evaluation of the 4 Year Plan

- How successful was the policy of Autarky?

- German Labour Front

- Dr Robert Ley

Nazi Foreign Policy

- Did Hitler plan to have a Second World War?

Education in Nazi Germany

Women in Nazi Germany

The Holocaust

- The Jewish Problem in 1933

- Kristallnacht

- Anti-Jewish Legislation

- Policy 1933 - 1937

- Origins of Anti-Semitism


Mein Kampf (My Struggle)

In this book Hitler explained why he regarded the Jews as responsible for Germany's troubles. He explained that:

* The Jews were parasites because they had never had a state of their own. As a religion they had no host environment and were therefore set to roam and leech upon every nation.
* The Jews first lie was that they 'pretended' to be a religion when in fact they were a race. Through their growth in capitalism they had managed to exploit liberal-minded democracies to their own advantage.
* The Jews were planning to undermine the world with their capitalism and force the rest of the world to become their slaves.
* The Jews were planning a Russian Revolution style takeover that would see them implement Communism across the world.
* The German people were not beaten on the battlefield in 1918 but by the Jews who had been "....robbing our people of the political and moral instincts and forces which alone make nations capable and hence worthy of existence...."

The book cannot be considered a success upon it's first release but after 1933 it was made compulsory reading and study in schools, universities and the home.


Essential Revision

Key Issues:

  1. How far did Germany recover under Stresemann?
  2. How did the Nazi party develop, upto 1929?
  3. How did Hitler become Chancellor?
  4. Howdid Hitler create a dictatorship?
  5. What were the main features of Totalitarian rule?
  6. What were the benefits of Nazi rule?

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