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Weimar and Nazi Germany

The Weimar Constitution

The impact of the Treaty of Versailles

1919 -1923: years of crisis?

The Munich Putsch

The Origins of the Nazi Party

Mein Kampf

1924 - 1929: A Golden era?

Gustav Stresemann

German Foreign Policy 1919 to 1933

Germany in the Depression

The Rise of the Nazi party

- Why did people vote for Hitler?

From Chancellor to Fuhrer

The failures of Weimar

Creating a totalitarian state

Nazi methods of control

- Organisation of the Nazi Party

- Obedience to the Fuhrer

Opposition to the Nazi's


- Nazi Ideology

The Economy under the Nazi's

- Schacht

- The 2nd 4 Year Plan

- Evaluation of the 4 Year Plan

- How successful was the policy of Autarky?

- German Labour Front

- Dr Robert Ley

Nazi Foreign Policy

- Did Hitler plan to have a Second World War?

Education in Nazi Germany

Women in Nazi Germany

The Holocaust

- The Jewish Problem in 1933

- Kristallnacht

- Anti-Jewish Legislation

- Policy 1933 - 1937

- Origins of Anti-Semitism



GCSE History Revision - Weimar and Nazi Germany

Revision Notes - refresh your memory using these easy to understand notes.

The Rise of Hitler Easy to comprehend notes covering the main reasons for the rise of the Nazi party in the early 1930's.
Nazi Economic Policy Provides an overview of Nazi Economic policy and the aims of these.
Nazi Social Policies Evaluates the impact of Nazi Policies on a range of groups within society.
Anti-Semitism These notes outline the way in which anti-Semitic thought dominated Nazi thoughts and illustrate the way that it developed into the 'Final Solution'
Weimar Germany Passnotes Mr Tarr's fantastic set of notes on the Weimar republic provide an excellent overview of the state Germany was in under the Weimar Government. External link to Activehistory.co.uk
Weimar Germany - Extension Mr. Tarr has produced an extensive range of notes and activities on the Weimar Republic. These are aimed at AS level students, but are accessible to GCSE students likely to attain high grades. External link to ActiveHistory.co.uk

Information is also available in the AS Level section about the Rise of the NSDAP.

Revision Aids - Create your own revision Spider Diagrams - External links to Schoolhistory.co.uk

Now you've refreshed your memory, it's time to make sure it sticks!

Weimar in crisis 1919-1923
Now you've downloaded and read some brief notes on Germany consolidate your knowledge by creating your own, easy to use, revision guides. All created by teachers and hosted on the marvellous Schoolhistory.co.uk
The Stresemann years 1924-1929
The Nazi Party 1919 - 1925.
How did Hitler become Chancellor?
Hitler 1933 -1934. The consolidation of power.
Women in Nazi Germany
The Jews in Nazi Germany
Hitler's Economic Policy
Nazi Propaganda

Revision Quizzes - test yourself using this wide range of quizzes and revision activities.

Provided by the outstanding Schoolhistory.co.uk site 
Germany 1919-1945 Selection of quizzes created by Schoolhistory.co.uk.
Fling the Teacher (4 Choices) Germany 1918-45, Opposition to Nazi Germany, Peace Treaties after World War One, Adolf Hitler
Penalty Shootout Germany -
Wonderful revision activities hosted by Activehistory.co.uk
Weimar Germany 1918-34 Revise your knowledge of the basic facts relating to this era. External link to Activehistory.co.uk
Nazi Germany Revise your knowledge of nazi policies and rule. External link to Activehistory.co.uk
Outstanding revision exercises provided by Historygcse.org
Anti-Semiticism Linked interactive exercises on anti semitism in Nazi Germany
Nazi Consolidation of Power Cloze exercise from Hitler becoming Chancellor to Night of Long Knives
Women in Nazi Germany Test on what it was like to be a woman in Nazi Germany
Women in Nazi Germany (2) Now try filling in the blanks on what it was like to be a woman in Nazi Germany
Leading Nazi's Matching exercise on leading Nazis
Education nazi Style Interactive exercise on education in Nazi Germany
The Hitler Youth Interactive exercise on the Hitler Youth
Young people in nazi Germany The creation of Nazis
Holocaust Key words and test on the Holocaust
Persecution of the Jews Unscramble the words exercise
Revision Quizzes provided by Learnhistory.org.uk
The One Party State
A wonderful set of revision activities created by Mr Humphreys of LearnHistory.org.uk
Nazi Police State
Education in Nazi Germany
The Hitler Youth
Role of Women in Nazi Germany



Essential Revision

Key Issues:

  1. How far did Germany recover under Stresemann?
  2. How did the Nazi party develop, upto 1929?
  3. How did Hitler become Chancellor?
  4. Howdid Hitler create a dictatorship?
  5. What were the main features of Totalitarian rule?
  6. What were the benefits of Nazi rule?

Full Germany revision section



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