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War and the transformation of British society c1903–28

Key Topic 1: The Liberals, votes for women and social reform

The activities of the women’s societies and the reaction of the authorities.
Children’s welfare measures, old age pensions.
Labour Exchanges 1909, the National Insurance Act 1911.

Key Topic 2: The part played by the British on the Western Front

The BEF and 1914.
Britain’s contribution to the Western Front 1915–17.
The end of the war.

Key Topic 3: The home front and social change

DORA, censorship and propaganda.
Recruitment and rationing.
The part played by women.

Key Topic 4: Economic and social change 1918–28

The changing role of women 1918–28.
Industrial unrest 1918–27.
The General Strike of 1926.

Defence of the Realm Act

The Defence of the Realm Act was introduced in order to improve security and ensure that conditions were best suited to waging a successful war. The key parts of the Act were:

It gave the government the power to protect Britain from invasion.
It introduced censorship of newspapers and letters from soldiers to their families.
It gave the government control of factories and land for war production.
It lengthened work hours and introduced British summer time to create longer daylight time for workers.
Beer was watered down and pubs reduced pub-opening hours to reduce worker drunkenness that caused absence from work.
It introduced rationing due to the shortage of food caused by the German blockade.




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