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Why did war break out? International relations 1929–39

The impact of the Depression on international relations.

The Manchurian Crisis (1931–33)

Abyssinia (1935–36)

The League of Nations response to Manchuria and Abyssinia.

Hitler’s aims and policies with regard to the Versailles settlement. Lebensraum, Grossdeutschland, re-armament, the Saar, re-occupation
of the Rhineland
, links with Italy and Japan and the Anschluss.

Britain’s policy of appeasement: Chamberlain and appeasement.

The Sudetenland crisis.

The Munich Agreement and the takeover of Czechoslovakia.

Agreements with Poland and the abandonment of the policy.

The Pact of Steel.

The Nazi-Soviet Pact.

Poland and the outbreak of war.

Opposition to Appeasement.

The Pact of Steel

On May 22nd,1939, Germany and Italy signed a Pact of Friendship and Alliance which is more commonly known as the Pact of Steel. The Pact was based on an assumption that war would break out within the next 3 years and tied German and Italian economic, military and Foreign policies together.

The Pact agreed the following:

- that in the event of war there would be mutual assistance between the countries.

- that neither nation would agree peace terms without the consent of the other nation.

- that there would be discussions about war planning and operations.

- that joint Propaganda efforts would be utilised.

- that there would be economic co-operation between Germany and Italy.

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