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This site is designed to provide easy to access information relating to the various GCSE courses available for History students.

The site is in its infancy and will grow rapidly to provide a narrative to support each unit that might be delivered via a History GCSE. The starting point for the site has been the Modern World syllabi on offer from exam boards. Pupils following a course based on the Schools History Project will find links to our sister sites which already provide guidance for pupils and teachers doing these courses. Once a narrative for each of the MWH and SHP units has been completed work will begin on the OCR Pilot and Controlled Assessment units.

SchoolsHistory now provides CPD and Consultancy to schools. To find out how we can support your History department, please contact us via the form below. Details of our current CPD workshops and Consultancy services can be found on our training page.

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New in April / May 2014:

Weimar and Nazi Germany

In May, 2014 we have updated our site that is dedicated solely to the study of Weimar and Nazi Germany. Each month will see a specialist topic: May's is The Economy in the Third Reich.

Posts on this topic will be appearing every few days - so check back for the latest content.

Items being covered this week are:

An overview of the Economy 1933-39. The Reich's War Economy. A look at the role of Schacht, Goering, Todt, Robert Ley and Albert Speer in the economics of the Third Reich.

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Other posts will continue as usual.

Other Recent Additions:

The Middle East, 1956–1979 (Links and Source material)

The Civil Rights Movement in the USA

Mao’s China, c.1930–1976

Updates made to the Germany section

9/11 and Twentieth Century terrorism

War and the transformation of British society c1903–28

The Crisis in Berlin

The Cuban Missile Crisis

The Hungarian Revolution

How did the Cold War develop? 1943–56

International relations 1929-1939.

The League of Nations

The Peace Treaties

Britain at War

Britain: The challenge in Northern Ireland, 1960-1986

The USA and Vietnam, 1964-1975

Hitler's Germany, 1929-1939

Coming soon:

Opposition and Resistance in Nazi Germany

England in the Middle Ages: Themes, Concepts and Events

People and Place in The History of Medicine





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